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Let's reminisce


Remember when grocery shopping meant going to the corner market, knowing the proprietor by name and asking him, “What’s good today?” When the butcher wasn’t just some guy in the back of a store, but a neighborhood fixture, the guy who knew everything about meat? The women at the bakery knew your name and knew what your kids enjoyed for Shabbos?

What about the visits to Bubby and Zeidy on the Lower East Side, where the aromas of all the specialty shops filled the streets?  The bialys, the pickles and those amazing bakery cookies? Isn’t that what shopping should still be?

Well it still is, and more! Grand and Essex is the neighborhood store that stays relevant and is part of the community. Our butcher carries the highest quality kosher meat, USDA choice or higher. He’s the only one in the neighborhood that carries aged beef. Our bakery whips up fresh challah and kokosh cakes that are known around town to be the best out there. Always keeping up with the holidays and current events, we provide delicious sufganiot around Chanukah, Hamenstashen on Purim and even football cookies for the big game!

The aroma of the good old days is still present in the Grand & Essex deli, where we offer huge variety of specialties. We provide mouth watering chicken dishes and soft, tender beef dishes. We have a department specifically for Chinese food. We offer premium sushi and ensure that everything is high quality. While Bubby and Zeidy may not have done sushi back in the day, we are sure our excellent taste; abundance of choices, and low prices would make them proud. We keep up with your hectic schedule and still make time for fun in-store activities like cooking demonstrations by famous kosher chefs, free tastings and giveaways.

And don’t forget the local neighborhood delivery boy… we’ve got that too! Our delivery service offers efficient convenience, for the days that its too cold, or you’re too tired, or you simply don’t want too, we bring Grand & Essex to you!

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